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Our Core Values

Since the very beginning, Community has been at the forefront of our Core Values. Giving back to those in need and using our PAG platform to uplift members of our community is what keeps us moving forward. Our partnerships with local businesses, like you, through the Preston Business Alliance is just another way to strengthen our community ties and demonstrate our core values.

We will always do what is right; not what is easy, cheap, popular, or convenient. And we will do so without excuse and regardless of the cost.
We will honor and serve one another and our guests with urgency, because there is power in now. Later is too late!
The good of the team comes before the personal pride, comfort level, or agenda of any one individual.
Personal Growth
We will work as hard on ourselves as we do on our job, because our business will get better when we get better. Getting better is not an option!
Attention to Detail
We will become brilliant in the basics and commit to doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. We are committed to becoming faithful in the "little" things, because in pursuit of perfection, we can expect to catch excellence.
We will actively support the communities we serve, and will encourage involvement in programs that are important to our associates.